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Ages 8+


Welcome and thank you for your interest in our expressive arts practice!

 Below are the populations we serve!


Children 8+



Art Therapy & Creative Counseling is a counseling and creative arts center specializing in a comprehensive approach to psychotherapy. Together we assist our clients to facilitate the power of the creative process to foster therapeutic and introspective change. We work with children, adolescents, individuals and families as well as provide group therapy.

Our individualized approach to therapy is very different. We use a creative arts frame work as the foundation for working with clients. We are a collaborative holistic group of clinicians some of which are Nationally Registered Art Therapists and or Expressive Arts Therapists. We offer this unique method of counseling as one of the primary modalities for self expression and introspective change.  

One of our comfortable multi-use offices

Art therapy encourages the brain to relax and not over process, much like physical movement would. This allows the nervous system to calm and the subconsciou​s state to emerge.